On foot



From Scudellate, located at the top of the Muggio Valley, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the entire valley, the Padana plain to the south in Lombardy and the Italian border to the east, whose peaks of Sasso Gordona and Bisbino tower above Como Lake. On the west side are the various Swiss alpine pastures of the Muggiasca and the Pianspessa up to the Alp Caviano, which rises above the Mendrisio plain. In good weather you can see as far as Milan.

Monte Generoso, with its summit at 1700 meters above sea level, watches and protects us from behind; it offers us countless marked hiking trails and views of the Muggio valley to the south and of Lugano Lake and the Alps to the north.

Many hiking trails can be walked from Scudellate to suit everyone’s needs. The routes are varied and allow hikers to enjoy the peculiarities of the Alpine basin of Monte Generoso. Among the unique sights that can be admired are certainly the «Nevére» (a kind of limestone refrigerator filled with snow, in which in the past in Ticino the milk for making butter, cheese and also meat was stored), the «Roccolo» (typical hunting position for bird hunting) as well as the alpine meadows.

The massif of Monte Generoso has always been visited and is known far beyond the country’s borders for its fantastic scenarios. The unique flora and fauna of the area, together with the incredible views, give hikers unique landscapes that they will certainly remember for a long time.

Below are some routes that can be done from Scudellate

Excursions of all kinds can also be made in the Muggio Valley. It is also very worthwhile to experience the charm of the small but historic villages that exist in the valley, and to immerse yourself fully in nature thanks to a wide network of hiking and cycling trails. From Scudellate you can easily reach strategic starting points by post bus or on foot.

Some hiking routes in the Muggio Valley are listed below.

On request, excursions can be organized in the Osteria or Ostello with a guide who will guide you through the hiking trails and show you some of the special features of the area.